She studied in the art school in Russia from 1978-1980. Then she moved with her family to Israel. In 1993 they came to San Francisco. Luba studied in Berkley, California School of Professional Fabric Design from 1995-1998 and work as independent fabric designer. Some of her work was displayed in magazines. Then her family moved to Santa Rosa, where she resides from 1998. She took a lot of different classes and workshops before she met a world renown artist Charles Becker. Charles become Luba's teacher in 2011 and according to his opinion, Luba is one of the best students he ever taught. He paints in 17 century realistic stile. Luba's paintings received first places on every show, where she ever shows her art. Here we are, most of her dreams came through. She have a beautiful family, she can paint and people enjoying her art. Her paintings was sold to a art museum in Ukraine and several art collectors in USA and Europe.

You can see Luba's work in Art Encounter Gallery in Las Vegas Caesars Forum Shops.

Contact Luba at 707-525-8400 or by Email at

Luba's art was recently mention in the book "The pocket picker for fine art " by Brett K. Maly. Enjoy.


This is the story of a dreamer, from a very young age she dreamed of becoming an artist and express her life thru drawing. She dreamed of leaving her small town of only 3000 farmers in Ukraine and find a place where her dreams can be realized. At a young age she lost her father when she was only four years old and then her mother from an accident when she was eleven years. At a very young age of 11 she worked at a farm and spent all her free time paining and dreaming of a better life. After a lot of hard work and determination she has finally come to a place in her life that realized her dreams. However the struggle for perfection is always infinite and she continues to paint and grow.

As Real as it gets

by lubov stolper